Theory of Music...

Theory of music; is a vital part of the study of music and of a musical instrument. The better your knowledge of music theory, the stronger your all round ability, skill, insight and understanding as a musician will be. For this reason, we will teach you aspects of music theory during the course of your instrument lessons.


Some students choose to study theory in its own right and we are able to offer lessons for those who choose to do this.


No previous knowledge of understanding music theory or being able to read music is necessary. We will teach you right from the very basics if required. However, unlike many other music teachers, we teach all levels of theory, from Grade One to Grade Eight Associated Board level. We can also teach you the theory requirements of the London College of Music DipMusLCM exam and the Trinity College A(Mus)TCL exam.


We specialise in teaching those students who need a quick pass in a Grade 5 Theory of Music exam in order to take a grade 6, 7 or 8 practical exam. We will teach you in such a way that you are able to take the exam at the earliest possible opportunity and have an excellent chance of success.


Teacher; Jon Ethridge